Salon Professional provides a range of treatments to remove unwanted hair, such as Waxing, Electrolysis and the NEW Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment that reduces hair on the face and body quickly, painlessly and permanently without the use of a needle.
Consultations necessary for IPL treatments.

Ladies Waxing

Bikini-Standard £10.00
Bikini-High £11.50
Bikini-Brazilian £18.00
Tummy £5.00
Underarm £10.00
Lip £4.50
Chin £5.00
Lip and Chin £9.00
Full Face £15.00
Half Leg £14.00
Full Leg including Bikini £27.00
Full Leg + Brazilian Wax £34.00
Back Leg Patches £7.00
Upper Thigh including Bikini £20.50
Arms – Upper & Lower £10.00
Holiday Special – Full Leg + Underarm £35.00
Half Leg, Underarm & Bikini £30.00

Men’s Waxing

Back Wax £16.50
Chest Wax £16.50
Back & Chest Wax £30.00


Electrolysis is a treatment for the permanent removal of unwanted hair for both men and women through the means of a needle inserted into the hair follicle.

The aim of the method is to damage the base of the growing hair in order to cut off the blood supply and nutrition to the hair, preventing any new growth from developing. The technique is selective and minimal damage should occur to surrounding tissues.

For details and prices on electrolysis please follow this link to the IPL site.